My Career

Do keep  in mind. Not all projects are out due to NDA.

Locked Memories
Video Game
Supporting Role

Empower the underdogs of the world to work on innovative gaming experiences that are considered challenging for other indie gaming studios.

Franchise Dairy Queen
IVR Announcement

Recorded an announced new messages weekly at Franchised location on Bellaire drive through as employed.

Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services
Audio Drama
Support Role

Season 2 for Kalila Stormfire aires on several podcast for audio drama, appearing on several nominations for supporting actors, writing and plot On Audio Drama Awards.

Black Star Audio
Audio novel
Side Role

A sci-fi audio drama now available on iTunes and Amazon Audible.


Audio Drama

bernautica is a cyberpunk audio drama podcast taking place in a futuristic, corporately built ‘City on the Sea’ named Neo-Atlantis. We pace a full cast of voice actors along with a narrator in an effort to bring this unique world to life in a cinematic-like style. Available on multiple platforms.

Pitch Black: A Dusklight Story

PitchBlack is an original, immersive audiogame project which features a complex, dramatic story-line told through the binaural medium, a game identifying and assisting those that are visually impaired.

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Training and Credentials

Under Continuous Updates

Business of Voice over with Andy Field and Chuck Hüber
Class 3 Cycle 2018-2019
Learning the business of Voiceover, delivering professional results with professional handlings.

Voice-Over Training: Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro
Peter Baker, Professional Voice Over & Presenter

Voice Training – 30-Days to a More Confident Powerful Voice
Peter Baker, Professional Voice Over & Presenter

The Complete Audiobook Production and Narration Course
Paul Jenkins, Film Director, Writer & Narrator

Accents and Dialects Rachael Messer, September 2019
Learning to identify the key structures of dialects and accents, how to obtain them using the International Phonetic Alphabet and how to be respectful and follow the process of acquisitioning them.
Rachael Messer, September 2019

Videogame/Live Action VO Workshop
David Sobolov, September 2019
Professional Voiceover workshop that deals with the live screen of movie and video game voice over, going over the details of energy, intent, and bringing out the realism of it, delivering powerful reads and dialogue.

Chuck Hüber's Character Master Class
October 2019
Finding your voice, training in delivery not only powerful action scenes but character depth, build and accent training.

One on One Training with

Orion Acaba
2019 Current- with character read, video game and animation, along with acting and script read.

Sara Ruth-
2018 Voice acting, character development and application

Joshua Walter-
One-on-one training for singing, voice acting, and music production.


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